Pre-Looped Music Library

ENLS’s Pre-Looped Music Library

by ENLS, Thundaga, YTKrakerwat & Sulucnal

Gone are the days of searching for and annoyingly looping audio for your fangames.
Every single audio file in this library has already been looped for you, and is in the recommended .ogg format. This library has it all! Town Themes, Route Themes, Battle Themes, and even all of the sound effects too! You can download each audio file individually, or you can download the entire OST. The choice is yours!

If you’re using this and feel like crediting us, I’d prefer if you credit “ENLS’s Pre-Looped Music Library”.

Available Games

Currently, the following albums are fully complete and downloadable:


Here's a quick list of answers to some questions you might have:

Q: Why does this exist?

A: I made this resource so you don't have to! Looping audio for your games can be a tedious process, so I chose to upload music from those games, that have ALREADY BEEN LOOPED!

Q: How do I use this?

A: Download the songs you want to use in your game, and put them in the Audio/BGM folder. To get the music to loop in-game in Essentials v18.1 and older, you'll need the FmodEx extension. Watch this tutorial by Thundaga if you want to know how to install it. Once you've successfully installed FmodEx and RGSS Linker, the music should already be looping in your game. In Essentials v19 and newer, the music should already loop.

Q: Where can I download the audio files?

A: Scroll back up on the page, and click on the game you want to download audio from. It will then take you to a Google Drive folder, containing all the files. From there you can either download each song you want individually, or select all of the ones you want, then download all of them at once. If you wanted to, you could even download the entire OST!

Q: None of the songs are looping in-game! What do I do?

A: Make sure that you have FmodEx installed correctly in your game. If they still aren't looping, then it's probably a problem on your end, and I can't really help you.

Q: I found an issue with one of the audio files, how can I report it?

A: If the rest of your audio files loop correctly and you've found an issue with a specific one (loops at the wrong time, or doesn't loop at all), please send me a DM on Discord (ENLS#0001) so we can fix it in our library.

Q: What format are the audio files in?

A: The audio files are in .ogg format, which is considered the best format to use.